The Best of Neighbourhood Weekender

by Yasmin Duggal, Jun 10, 2018

Manchester’s Neighbourhood branched out this year to a weekend in Warrington boasting a stellar line-up. Here are the big five from the weekend…

Reverend and the Makers

Sheffield favourite Big Rev and his merry band of no-nonsense, hard-core rockers stormed the Neighbourhood stage as if they’d headlined every year. Heavy energy and cracking tracks like ‘Bassline’ and ‘Heavyweight Champion of the World’ prompted riotous reactions, largely enhanced by a widespread adoration for Rev and his down-to-earth, man-of-the-people persona. New tracks were just as vivacious, reigniting a love for the band who’ve always been the silent heroes of the understated indie scene.

Miles Kane

Much hype has been amounting around Miles’ upcoming release, Coup de Grace, from which new tracks were introduced confidently to the Neighbourhood crowd. Opener ‘Loaded’ was a mellow choice for Kane, but received with enthusiasm as fans enjoyed the taster of the highly-anticipated new album. Old classics ‘Rearrange’, ‘Come Closer’ and ‘Inhaler’ were as fabulously raucous as ever, showcasing the wild side to Miles we all fell in love with.


The Sydney trio have been making serious waves since the release of their second album For Now. Known for their laid-back aesthetic and emotional lyricism, DMA’S were the highlight of the weekend, far too low down on the line-up but igniting an overwhelming reception. From debut album stompers well cemented in the setlist – ‘Play It Out’, ‘Lay Down’ – to sentimental, polished heart-breakers like ‘In The Air’, the guys delivered a stunning set once again.


Blossoms have certainly found their feet with this new album. Cool Like You celebrates the ABBA-synth of the Stockport band’s sound, and on a festival stage, the new tracks are bigger and bolder than ever. Rightly awarded the extended slot ahead of Noel Gallagher, Blossoms tore through each uplifting track with a new-found confidence and captivating style, Tom Ogden stealing the show as per usual with his acoustic ad-libs and fantastic flares.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

It’s Noel Gallagher – does he ever fail to deliver anything but excellence? After demanding the crowd “Fucking scream my name!”, Noel dived into an eclectic mix of family favourites and experimental new material. From extended instrumentals, gorgeous acoustics and reworking of classics, things were kept surprisingly fresh, supported by the legacy of the Manchester legend’s extraordinary voice and, of course, those bloody scissors…

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