Don’t Miss: Zutekh presents Andrew Weatherall & Manfredas (All Night Long)

by Niall Peers / Photo: Facebook, Jun 10, 2018

The event comes to Manchester's Soup Kitchen on 29th June

One of the cities most beloved and prolific parties, Zutekh, bring renowned UK heavyweight Andrew Weatherall, and Lithuanian native Manfredas along to Soup Kitchen on the 29th of June to play an all night long back to back set.


Having already brought an impressive and varied selection of some of electronic music’s most talented DJs and producers to the city, Zutekh are now welcoming two of the industry's most favoured acts to play an assortment of music in one of the city’s most intimate environments.

With an impressive roster of releases under his belt, Weatherall has been a fan favourite for some time; with remixes of Primal Scream and The Happy Mondays among others he has become renowned within the electronic music scene. Having made a name for himself through throwing the infamous Smala parties in the Opium nightclub in the Lithuanian capital, Manfredas is becoming acknowledged further afield with a Boiler Room and releases on the Les Disques De La Mort label.


With Zutekh’s reputation of throwing some of the city’s wildest parties, combined with the booking of two great musical talents, this party is looking like it will be one of the best things the city has to offer for those that are still around at the end of June.

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