A Song A Day #002: Darwin Deez - Redshift

by Melissa Karim // image by Incase via Flickr, Mar 13, 2018

Our second A Song A Day recommendation comes from American group Darwin Deez.

Prepare some tissues because this is heartbreak encompassed in a song. It’s a beautiful piece of music, with very emotional lyrics.

Sang by Darwin Deez, a band from New York, ‘Redshift’ talks about growing apart from your lover in the form of space metaphors. Examples of lyrics are: “Some explosion cause a redshift cause you’re moving away from me. What did I do?” This song is sure to bring a tear to your eye.

Darwin Deez is known for using scientific terms in their songs. It can also been heard in their song ‘DNA’.

In a performance for Guardian Music, Darwin Merwan Smith, the lead singer, said, “I use some scientific words to make it more poetic”. That’s exactly what this song is, beautiful poetry.

So grab those headphones and get listening but brace yourself for some feels.

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