Bastille: ReOrchestrated at Colston Hall

by Oscar La-Gambina, Apr 13, 2018

Bastille graced Bristol's Colston Hall with their gorgeous ReOrchestrated show on Friday, April 13.

When this tour was announced, it sounded like a marvellous idea but something tricky to create. Bastille are known and loved worldwide for their indie pop tunes such as 'Pompeii', 'Good Grief' and 'Flaws'. However, their back catalogue reimagined through an orchestral filter would create a different sound entirely, so you could be forgiven for feeling a little sceptical.

Within the first few moments of the set, however, those feelings were abolished completely. Usually their final song, 'Pompeii' welcomed Bastille onto the stage for their mini ReOrchestrated tour, but as you would expect, it was a completely different version. 

As lead singer Dan Smith remarked himself, the show was about taking some cuts from their extensive back catalogue and flipping them completely. The effect of this was immediately noticeable with 'Pompeii'. It was a simple vocal version, featuring Dan and their small group of choristers. It was stunning.


Second song 'Snakes' brought in the huge range of instruments the group had on tour. There was the expected rock combination of drums, guitars and piano, however also in the mix were violins, trumpets, cellos, xylophones, trombones... it was a mixture of sounds that blended into one stunning track. 

The same trend followed as Bastille launched into their 24-song set, exploring all corners of their recorded (and, in some cases, unreleased) music. Along with 'Good Grief', 'Of The Night' and 'Things We Lost In The Fire', there was also 'No Angels', a track made with Ella Eyre, and 'Laughter Lines'.

There was even a song from the as yet unreleased album featuring Dan with lead singer of support act To Kill A King, Ralph Pelleymounter. They're in a separate band together, named Annie Oakley Hanging, however very limited songs of theirs are available online.

Talking of not following a traditional setlist, they ended with 'Weight of Living'. It was a fine choice of closing song.


Don’t forget that everything was, as the tour title suggests, reworked and reimagined in a different genre. 'Pompeii' wasn't the only track to be dramatically transformed through the eye of an orchestra; 'Two Evils' went from downbeat acoustic to huge-sounding modern orchestral electro indie pop. 

That's the thing about this show, there were so many genres it's difficult to choose which one suited it the best. It's easier just to list everything applicable to prove how incredibly talented Bastille and their backing musicians are.

A third album is in the works and was teased to be scheduled for release quite soon, and here's hoping a couple of orchestral versions feature on there.

We all know that Bastille are huge in the pop world and the indie rock world, that's a given. However, their ReOrchestrated tour shows that they're not afraid to try new things, and they certainly have the talent for it. 

There are a few dates left on their ReOrchestrated tour, and we would recommend heading down if you can. It was an intriguing night of new sounds but old and adored music, and it worked perfectly.

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