Don't Miss: Clean Cuts @ Concorde 2

by Rhys Baker, Dec 22, 2017

Clean Cuts announce their largest event to date, inviting Dirty Dike, Jam Baxter and many more UK Hip-Hop legends to Concorde 2.

Don't miss Clean Cuts Presents on the 2nd of March.

Clean Cuts Productions is a UK based event and video production company. For their Concorde 2 extravaganza, they have invited down some of the most prominent UK hip-hop artists around. Including Dirty Dike, Jam Baxter, Ronnie Bosh, DJ Sammy B-Side, Jman & Pete Cannon, Concept of Thought AND Phonetic.

Headliner for the night, Dirty Dike, is one of High Focus Records most prolific and talented MC's and producers – unrivalled in the scene. His first solo High Focus release 'Constant Dikestar' demonstrated his ability and flow as an MC, while Ocean Wisdom's 'Choas 93', established him as a production wizard. Dirty Dike's follow up solo albums; 'Return of the Twat' and 'Sucking On Prawns In The Moonlight' continue to solidify himself in the top branch of UKHH performers.

Second up on the bill is Jam Baxter, an MC with an incomprehensible skill for wordplay, twisting dark metaphors throughout his music. Baxter's releases such as 'Gruesome Features', '...So We Ate Them Whole' and 'Mansion 38' have established him as Britain's top MC – backed up by his nomination by DJMag for 2017's Best MC. Member of the legendary Dead Players, and supergroup Contact Play, with nearly a decade of releases, Baxter has moulded into one of Hip-Hop's most elegant.

Next, we have DJ Sammy B-Side, a selector who has been murdering DJ sets and live shows with his CP, SMB and HF teams all over the world. Cementing himself as the go-to UKHH DJ of his generation, from tireless touring, lacing cuts and flying the UKHH flag for South-COast music all over the globe, his determination and passion is unquestionable.

Ronnie Bosh is another member of UKHH most exceptional mega group Contact Play; Ronnie Bosh. Bosh has featured on albums with; Rag n Bone Man, Dirty Dike, Jam Baxter, Ed Scissor and Mr Key. With a continuous and loyal following since the off-start, fans have been waiting for the ever sort after and elusive solo album for years, with his impeccable flow and precise delivery there is no wonder why.

Jman (one half of Babylon Dead) and Pete Cannon (producer for; Dr Syntax, Inja, Dirty Dike, Verb T, Lunar C, the list goes on and on) are teaming up for a 60-minute Jungle set that is guaranteed to go off!

Concept of Thought is Brighton's very own rap tag team, back with a whole heap of new material in the form of a forthcoming full-length release. iLLITERATE & AWFER return to tear up the microphone like few know how to, for a long overdue return to the stage.

Last but by no means least, Phonetic is one of Brighton's most exciting new artists after having had a fantastic 2017 –that involved performing alongside UKHH legends Task Force or going on tour with Rag'n'Bone Man. Her heavy boom-bap style has not gone unmissed, creating quite a buzz and hype on the scene.

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