Don't Miss: Loose Lips w/ Stenny, Andrea, Rommek, Medallion Man

by Rhys Baker, Jan 03, 2018

Loose Lips are kicking off 2018 in their favourite prison cells at The Island.

Get a ticket to see Stenny, Andrea, Rommek & Medallion Man

Loose Lips are a diverse musical collective spread across the UK. Jack-of-all-trades, the collective covers events, labels, radio, music, editorial and artwork.

Making his Bristol debut is Stenny, a Munich-based DJ and producer. Inspired by the spirit of 90s techno and IDM, Stenny's sound is club focused but not merely functional. Genre-defying and ever-unpredictable, Stenny's sonically evolving club sets reference everything from Berlin Techno to Jungle and Hardcore. Signed to the Zenker Brothers' label Ilian Tape, Stenny is a versatile and open-minded DJ, spinning contemporaries and classics alike.

Also making his Bristol debut, and fellow label team member is Andrea, Turin-based producer and DJ. Production-wise, Andrea mixes various elements of 90s Breakbeat and IDM with an excursion to warehouse techno and house. With a sound that encapsulates the soul of his hometown Turin, Andrea's tracks are dark and post-industrial. Behind the decks, he creates an intense dancefloor atmosphere by mixing classic bangers and stepping rhythms.

Ilian Tape's Stenny


Rommek, a recently emerging artist, has carved out his own way in the techno scene. With an extensive interest in sound design, Rommek produces atmospheric, dynamic and textured tracks, which combine energetic and gritty UK sounds with deep and transcendental aspects.

Medallion Man is an electric London-based DJ and co-founder of Loose Lips. With a weekly radio show on 199 Radio, when Medallion Man is not DJing or party planning he can be found managing Beef Records or running the head of publishing at Sound202.

If that line up is not enough for you, then the guys at Loose Lips have hired festival artworker and video jockey, Naren to provided some mind-blowing interactive visuals on the night. There, that should do it.

Don't miss out on Loose Lips showcase at The Island, Bristol. 

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