Don't Miss: Mary Spender

by Pete Carpenter, Mar 13, 2018

After the release of her latest single, Mary Spender concludes her upcoming tour at Thekla in Bristol on March 23.

Tickets are available here.

Mary Spender’s latest single is the beautiful ‘Only One’. Beginning with a gently plucked acoustic guitar and reverb drenched electric, a soft swell of strings leads into Mary’s distinctive sweet high and dulcet bass vocals. She glides through this range with such ease that it belies the talent required.

A slight change of tempo in the chorus causes you to pay attention and it’s the middle 8/bridge that truly showcases the otherworldly ability Mary has of constructing a song that is capable of surprise at the start of every bar. Of course, it would be remiss to fail to mention Mary's mastery of the guitar which is in fine example on ‘Only One’.

Being the workaholic that she is, her fans don’t get to see her perform live as often as they, or she for that matter, would like. Her ineffable charm and stunning catalogue of songs means that any opportunity to see this amazing artist perform should be grabbed with both hands.


Mary's headline tour kicks off this coming Sunday and will see her visit five cities across the UK including Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham, London and will then culminate with a hometown gig in Bristol at the venerable and lauded Thekla. Having played there many times in the past it will no doubt afford the comfort of familiarity to be able to focus on delivering a blinder of a set.

And if you recall the chat we had with her earlier in the year, Mary hopes to have a few surprises up her sleeve for these dates, proving they’re not to be missed!

The Bristol show is on Friday, March 23. A perfect way to start a weekend and equally the perfect way to round off the working week.

Tickets are sure to sell quickly so make sure you get yours ASAP here.

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