Don't Miss: Mungo's H-Fi Soundsystem ft. Charlie P

by Native, Jan 03, 2018

Glaswegian Reggae royalty, Mungo's Hi-Fi Sound System return to Bristol on 26th January.

Grab a ticket for Mungo's Hi-Fi featuring Charlie P here.

Bringing their mighty sound system to the legendary Thekla (God Save), the Scottish duo alongside vocalist and sound system MC Charlie P are set to return the Jamaica vibes to Bristol.

Tom Tattersall and Doug Paine AKA the forward-thinking masterminds of Mungo Hi-Fi are embarking on their first ever full sound system UK tour, coming to Bristol after a wave of sold-out shows. Equppied with custom-made Mungo's decor, the duo are set to transform Thekla into a reggae utopia.

They have come along way since their DIY beggings of building their first sound system from speakers found in a skip. Now with their own label: Scotch Bonnet, and a global operation of five members all with the same expertise and ethos – test the music where it matters: on the dancefloor. As always with a Mungo's show, expect original and quality reggae and dancehall all night long.

Joining them up on stage will be none other than internationally renowned reggae singer from Essex, Charlie P. P is known for performing around the world at festivals with Mungo's, OBF Soundsystem and other big names in the reggae scene.

Joining them as support will be Boomtown veterans and music for the masses advocates ASBO Disco. As well as, to our delight, London collective and electropical outfit The Busy Twist – a group that rejoins the dots between Afro, Latin and UK Bass, creating a sound that sonically gels the ever-decreasing gap between London and Ghanian music.

Make sure you get down early or purchase an advance ticket, you don't want to miss this one. The Top Deck Takeover is still TBA!

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