Don't Miss: No Sleep Featuring B Young & KNWGD

by Tom Tye, Jan 11, 2018

'No Sleep' is back for 2018 to bring you some of the UK's newest up and coming artists

Make sure to grab a ticket for B Young & KNWGD on 26th January

Once again, the ‘No Sleep’ series returns to Bristol’s Bierkeller Theatre to bring you the likes of B Young and KNWGD, as well as music from DJ SALOUSE, NRG BOYS and the Dancehall Generals. See off January the right way with a big night of Hip Hop, RnB, Grime and Dancehall!


Making his first ever Bristol appearance, B Young is definitely one not to miss. After the recent success of his latest single ‘Jumanji’, which has already broken into the the official UK Top 10 Indie Single Breakers and racked up 3 million views on Youtube since its release in October last year, the Hackney based rapper is set to have a huge 2018.

B Young’s music takes advantage of the power of simplicity. His latest hit single ‘Jumanji’ combines melodic, acoustic instrument lines with hard hitting, bass heavy beats to create a sound that is simultaneously intimate and expansive, allowing his wordplay and catchy hooks to cut through.

KNWGD is another artist who is quickly making his way up through the ranks, gaining a lot of attention from his new EP, ‘EGO’. KNWGD is one of those artists who is hard to pin down to a specific genre. Instead, his EP floats through grime, hip hop, RnB and even features moments of house, making him the perfect opening act to this sleepless night!

If you're still not convinced, check out some footage from the previous No Sleep:

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