Local Talk: Nightshift Records

by Kieran Mallon, Feb 13, 2018

Nightshift Records boss Sami Kubu on hosting the launch party at Hideout - Brighton's newest event space.

Hideout opens on March 2nd - grab a ticket to Nightshift Records w/ Darmec here

After providing Native Mix #033 over the summer, Nightshift Records founder and DJ, Sami Kubu, returns to our platform to discuss the latest rumblings for her Brighton label.

Namely, the pressures of throwing the very first party at Hideout, Brighton's brand new music venue. Aiming to provide a platform for up and coming promoters, established local outfits and, of course, dance music's biggest names, Hideout opens its doors to the public on March 3rd. 

The first party is hosted by Nightshift Records, who invite high-energy techno producer Darmec to headline Hideout's debut show:

We had you in the mix back in August, what has Nightshift been up to since then?

Seems like a lifetime ago! We took off the best part of Autumn and winter on the events side to focus on planning our 2018 events and releases, including our first two of the year – our first compilation, and our latest release from TKNO & Darmec. Other than that we’ve been really involved with events at The Arch either in room 2 or with myself on support.

You’re approaching 4 years of running Nightshift Records - what lessons have you learnt in that time?

Persistence and perseverance is key. There are going to be times where you feel you aren’t quite hitting the mark or the goal you’ve set yourself, but just pushing through that and having a good team behind you really makes all the difference. I’ve also learnt to be more selective about what I take on for the label, events-wise. As much as I’d like to do everything it’s not possible. So I guess we can add moderation to the list of lessons learnt!

Obviously, as a record label, Nightshift’s first duty is to publish music - but how important do you think it is that labels put on events and showcases?

For us, the showcases are becoming an integral part of the brand. Not only is it a way for us to promote what we are all about but it is also an opportunity for us to bring fresh blood to the scene here in Brighton. I think it’s becoming more common for labels to do these kinds of events and I’m all about it. Thanks to the social media, labels are global entities nowadays, we have the ability to connect with artists and venues across the world and have the opportunity to bring some of those artists to our hometown.

You’re hosting the first ever event at Hideout, obviously the thing everyone’s wondering is: what’s the venue like?

We are super excited about the launch! Hideout is going to be a great home for all things underground in the city. The guys are working tirelessly to create something special and I’m stoked to be a part of this new journey. I think after the closure of Mono late last year, the scene was missing that kind of intimate space, so Hideout is just the solution to that gap in the scene. Also the sound system is pretty great – definitely can’t wait to test some new material there.

Is it a lot of pressure to host a launch party?

Don’t get me wrong there have been moments of complete stress but we’ve had the support of the guys at Hideout every step of the way and the response to the event has been awesome so far! Every event is different and in Brighton you never really know how people are going to respond to your event. Sometimes I think a crystal ball would be a fabulous thing to own but what is life without those risks? And when they pay off, it’s worth any amount of stress.

Tell us about the booking - Darmec.

Well other than being one of the nicest people we’ve had the pleasure of getting involved with the label haha, Darmec is somewhat of an underground hero in our opinion. In the short space of a few years he’s had support from the likes of Martin Gore of Depeche Mode, UMEK, Deadmau5, Spartaque, Mark Sherry…the list goes on! There’s something for everyone in a Darmec set, and if you like high-energy and good vibes – well he’s your man!

Can we expect more Nightshift parties at Hideout on the future?

Ah yes, right now I can’t go into too much detail about our upcoming events at Hideout (as much as I would like to!) all that I can say is that we are bringing some of the scene’s big guns in throughout the year. So for an opportunity to see global Techno artists in an intimate space such as Hideout is really going to be a real treat for Brighton!

Finally, what are you listening to right now?

My favorite artists right now are quite diverse genre wise! I’m loving an artist going by the name of So Below, if you like your vocals and darker synth work – she’s worth the check out. I recently came across the new EP from Estroe, called Nocturnal Lullabies – and I absolutely love it if you’re in the zone or just want to chill it works for both! For the more Techno orientated Skober and Spektre are really doing the genre proud right now. Every release is just golden from them! Another favourite is Dahu - Desolate (Hraach Remix) can’t seem to get enough of the chilled out vibes at the moment. I think it’s something to do with being another year older next month to be honest…

Catch Sami Kubu supporting Darmec at Hideout on March 3rd

Follow Hideout on Facebook for updates

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