Track of the Week: Superheart - Satellite

by Harriet Evans, Apr 16, 2018

This week's track is a dreamy synth-pop moment from Superheart.

UK-based musician and producer, Luke Batt aka Superheart made his debut to the music scene towards the end of 2017 with his gorgeous debut single ‘Count on Me’. A comforting, trance-inducing, synth-pop track which was part of his ‘flower’ trilogy. He’s recently released the final instalment of the trilogy with new track, ‘Satellite’.

Satellite’ is a beautiful finale to a series that’s nearly as beautiful as its artwork. The track captures a feeling of freedom, and a relaxed, go-with-the-flow vibe created by the prudently laid soundscape. The track is made up of bubbling electronic synths and layered, dreamy vocals which work in harmony above the sounds of spring and samples of 80’s soundbites. It’s romantic and nostalgic pop at its most transcendent.

Self-described as “dreamy underwater anti-gravity flying music” Superheart is guaranteed to make waves with his unique electronic chill wave style. He’s already received huge amounts of attention from blogs and influencers. With more than 400,000 plays on Apple Music already, it’s clear that Superheart is one to watch. 

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