Shakey Soul Sesh 1 - Lenzman

  • The Harley, Sheffield Beta
  • 11:00PM - Sat 23rd Jun
  • Drum & Bass
  • -
  • Shakey Wakey

Done so many jump up nights that I spend every day of my life with Mr Happy stuck in my head so it's time to mix it up a bit with the first ever Shakey Soul Sesh!

A night of liquid/funk/soulful dnb with a hint of jungle at the end to round it off nicely!

Lineup including:
Lenzman (Northern Quarter/Metalheads)
Bloc2bloc Entertainment takeover featuring Jack Banner & Co
Displace DnB
Long Shlong Silva
KomatiK Audio (DJ Set)

Powered by Komatik!

Possibly some special guest vocalists on the night too so keep an eye out!

Big ups!

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