Alter Hour x Botanic Minds w/ Sepp

  • Green Door Store, Brighton
  • 11:00PM - Fri 15th Jun
  • House
  • from £5.00
  • Alter Hour

Alter Hour teams up with Botanic Minds at our favourite underground spot, the Green Door Store!

We are excited to be inviting a very special guest all the way from Romania, Sepp.

✪ Sepp (Uvar)

✪ Ted Amber (Botanic Minds)

✪ Jake Nash (Alter Hour)

Tickets: £5 advanced/ £5 before 12/£8 on the door after. 
Resident Advisor: 

Sepp - manages the esteemed label UVAR, along with his partner in crime Nu Zau. Sepp also started his own labels Catran and Pelerin where he has released under the alias Brind.

With a huge catalogue of vinyl releases on labels such as UVAR, Body Parts, Andromeda and Pleasure Zone to name just a few. Sepp has earned his spot up there with the very best, and has become a staple name in the thriving minimal/underground scenes which have taken London, cities all over Europe, and now Brighton by storm.

This is somebody truly worth taking all this way to see us, to provide us with something unique and special. 

Ted Amber - We are happy to invite back Ted, the owner of the London based vinyl only record label, Botanic Minds. The mysterious 'unknown artist' project has been causing a stir and is constantly finding support around the best underground dance floors across Europe. Ted also co-founded Hoxton Records and has been gaining attention for productions of his own.

Jake Nash - Alter Hour owner/resident. Having played a consistent roll in all of the Alter Hour parties over the last few years, whether warming up or playing peak time, Jake is no stranger behind the controls at our events. He knows just how to take parties in the right direction and create the perfect vibe for the occasion.

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