Beers Over Tears presents Don't Worry + Support

  • The Big Top, Cardiff
  • 7:30PM - Wed 18th Jul
  • Alt Rock, Indie, Rock
  • -
  • Beers Over Tears

18+ | £5 ADV / £6 OTD

18+ | £5 ADV / £6 OTD


Don't Worry
Don't Worry are touring in support of their new album 'Who Cares Anyway?' out 22nd June on Specialist Subject Records.
FFO: Happy Accidents, Gender Roles, Milk Teeth

Lightcliffe are supporting Don't Worry and we can't wait to have them smash the stage in the Big Top
FFO: Weatherstate, Nervus, Luke Rainsford

South Wales Emo.
FFO: Tigers Jaw, Foxing, Winter Passing

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