B, Please!

  • Green Door Store, Brighton
  • 11:00PM - Fri 22nd Mar
  • Techno, House
  • from £6.00
  • B, Please!
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Oh baby girl , you missed me? Well the bitch is back!

We had a right hoe down back in November at the Green door store with local lasses Maze & Masters, we thought we would serve you all again with another taste of Bitch, Please! 


We’re giving you a resident special with our family members from Brighton & Bristol! 

Giving you life this month will be local sensations :

Affy Go Bang!

Wildblood & Queenie

& Suze Rosser 

Whilst representing Bristol & Cardiff will be :

Butch Queen & ZenZero

With special performances from Alpha Bites & Baby

10’s 10’s 10’s across the board!

Doors open at 23:00 - late 


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