• Hever, Kent, Other
  • 12:00PM - Thu 1st Aug
  • Alt Rock, Indie, Rock, Pop
  • -

From humble beginnings to a full on festival, Neverworld - formerly known as LeeFest, is back

The festival which began in founder Lee Denny's garden when his parents went away on holiday in 2006 has grown over the years into a full on spectacular. Picking up a bucketload of accolades along the way, such as Best Grassroots Festival and Best Independent Festival, this festival is getting bigger and better by the year.

Where is it?

Slap bang in the middle of Kent, London, Brighton and Kent uni students, you've got not trouble getting to this one. It use to be in Lee's back garden but it's a little too big nowdays... 

Our pick of the line-up

The Vaccines - Indie-Rock heroes, legends of the UK scene and all round great dudes.

Lucia - Bubblegum pop mixed with the swagger of classic widescreen anthemic rock. Modern Rock'n'Roll that serves as the perfect soundtrack for a teenage dream.

Squid - Brighton boys Squid give a more aggressive dose of Telvision and Talking Heads post-punk over motorik beats and angular sounds.

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