Lost Village

  • Norton Disney, Lincolnshire, Other
  • 12:00PM - Thu 22nd Aug
  • Techno, House, Disco, Electronica
  • -

The magical festival returns to the Lincolnshire woods for 2019

Taking place in secluded woodland outside the village of Norton Disney, Lincolnshire, Lost Village is an emmersive 3-day festival that brings together the finest electronic music in a colour environment interactive performance. On top of this, global food, art, comedy and talks can be found in all corners of the mysterious woodland.

Where is it?

Deep in the Lincolnshire woods. Not too far from loads of Midlands and Northern universities but definitely worth making the trek from across the country for this one of a kind festival. 

Our pick of the line up

Richie Hawtin - The sound of Detroit in electronic form. A genuine original artist taking techno to new frontiers.

Hunee - A true party starter. Never afraid to throw a classic house record in with a curveball disco track, afro-funk or heads down techno.

Peggy Gou - Sitting somewhere between Detroit, London and Berlin in sound, her DJ sets are a assured, kinetic combination of blissful sound.

Superorganism - Technicolour pop distilled down into a concentrate. Weird sounds, weird band, good times.

Peach - You'll find her on NTS radio waves and behind the decks sending some of the finest selections to any crowd.


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