Shapes x Ben Snow x Burt Cope & More!

  • Volks, Brighton
  • 11:00PM - Sat 29th Jun
  • Drum & Bass, Garage, Bassline
  • -
  • Voltage Empire

The Voltage Empire and Thatchfest are linking up to bring you some best talents in the UK scene:

Shapes - The Canterbury-based duo that everyone knows and loves are the top of their game right now. Their talent in the production room shines through in recent releases through the mighty CRUCAST & Circus Records. This has also lead to many festival bookings across the country including NASS & Boardmasters.

Ben Snow - 21 Year Old Drum & Bass producer Ben Snow, based in High Wycombe. A rising star in the minimal DnB scene Ben shot up the ranks with the monumental tune that is Enter followed by a killer remix of World a Reggae. The future looks bright for the man that is Ben Snow.

Burt Cope - Oxfords king of wobbles is consistently releasing bangers. His sound has landed him sets across the country with the legendary Off Me Nut Records. With bangers like Prang, Goldie and Swordfight there's no stopping Burt Cope


Henry Wallis
Marble Elephant
Risk b2b Konduct b2b Murkeydubz

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