Dr Days Junction // The Minke Whales // Nino

  • Mr Wolf's, Bristol
  • 9:00PM - Thu 16th May
  • Hip Hop, Funk, Soul, Disco
  • from £0.00

Dr Days Junction // The Minke Whales // Nino

Created with seasoned musicians in 2015, Dr Days Junction bring a funky fusion of unforgettable soundscapes, blending soul, funk & hip hop.

Opening up, we have The Minke Whales, widely known as "the most punctual band in the south west".


The Minke Whales are a Bristol five-piece formed in 2009 by Edinburgh singer songwriter Stuart Reid (formerly of Shifty Disco Record’s band, Seagull Strange), bassist Neil Hughes, banjo player Tim Moore, drummer Chris Mapp and latterly singer Lottie Mathews when they discovered their collective love of recording music in allotment potting sheds.

They bring songs that blend a smidgen of twisted folk, Arcade Fire mixed with a healthy dollop of Mazzy Starr that, with Reid's grizzled and endearing Scottish vocal gruff and Lottie Mathew's soulful English nightingale, gives them an honest and intoxicating vocal concoction. Tales of revenge, lost love and witch hunts wrapped up in sweet melodies and banjo laden stomping stompingness.

The Minke Whales have recently released their latest offering a three track EP entitled 'The Woman of the Barrows' on their label Tandem Records.

“…blessed with weight, depth and sublime melodies. And when Reid’s cracked voice meets fellow vocalist, Elle Ashwell’s plaintive croon another layer of bittersweet joy unfurls…quite wonderful stuff.”
247 Magazine

“Ragged, literate, highly musical folk for raising barns to – and then raising the roofs of said barns... Reliable, festival-flavoured knees-uppage.”
The Venue

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