Fresh Lenins presents Frank&Beans / Ghosts of Men/ Grand Guru +

  • The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
  • 7:00AM - Fri 14th Jun
  • Alt Rock
  • from £5.83
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Roll up, roll up! It's time for some basic maths.

Fresh Lenins presents LESS PEOPLE THAN USUAL (still producing a usual amount of noise). 1+2+2+1!!??! 1 solo + two duos + 1 solo! Brace yourselves for incoming logical puzzles, paradoxes, statistics and probability rules. By the end of the gig you might be able to win an Ignoble prize in mathematics! ps. Appropriate snacks will be provided.

Frank & Beans are a Northern Irish, Anti-Punk duo now based in Brighton.
They have been called, “Dirty and sexy…Thunder art-punk” (ChordBlossom Magazine).
“With Frank & Beans there’s always something happening, you are constantly engaged.” (GiveItBack Magazine)
Nicely heavy, dancey, two-piece alt-rock from Essex.
Sometimes described as a pair of naredowells with the combined mental age of 7, sometimes hailed as geniuses of the genre, it's fair to say these two throw themselves into every performance with passion, humour, style and sheer power leaving a lasting impression wherever they go.

The last 4 years have seen Ghosts Of Men take to over 100 festival stages and countless UK venues, sign a record deal, release 3 EP's and an Album as well as 4 cutting edge music videos, constantly building an army of fans Europe-wide along the way.

“Like a two-piece Queens of the Stone Age if Queens of the Stone Age were entirely composed of Morecambe and Wise” – Stuart Turner BBC Radio

Hang Fire Single, b-side and Video due for release 29/03/15 - closely followed by more of the same.
Full European Tour May 2nd - June 2nd 2019.

“Firstly, I’d like to say that Ghost Of Men are amazing. People always said that my old band Carter USM made a big noise for two people, we cheated though, we had backing tapes. Clegg and Adam take it to a whole new level. Awesomeness drips from every note.” – Les Carter

“Ghosts of Men’s record is a mix of gloriously filthy blues and Desert rock. Their live show is an explosion of anarchy with a devilish wink. These chaps are playing some kind of impish prank on the world. But don’t worry, they want you to be in on it too. This is my favourite festival band for good reason.” – Stuart Blakeledge 103.9 VoiceFm

“I love having Ghosts Of Men’ on the show. Powerhouse performers with such a feel for the brilliant music they play and a growing army of fans.” – Tony Fisher, Head of Music, BBC Essex.

“It shouldn’t be physically possible for a duo with a combined mental age of 7 to make this much noise and still be catchy, melodic and funny while maintaining an ever so slightly mental edge. I loves em!” – Gail Something-Else – Festival Organiser/Venue Owner.
Grand Guru is into the one-man band thing, but not by fashion nor by particular affinity for the genre, but much rather out of obligation. Indeed, who could play with him? His first album, " Collective Suicide ", is such a personal item that it could only arise out of one man only's tormented brain. Absolutely black, resolutely extremist, metallically chaotic, at the crossroads of the experimental garage and industrial boogie, blues and psychotic Transylvanian noisy, this first Grand Guru opus is brought to the world, without an epidural, in form of birth of the monsters and nightmares that haunt our Rouen-based sorcerer. Each piece is a delivered polyptic table, freed from all academicism, and Grand Guru, therefore, allows himself every liberty in the musical setting of his singular universe: he juggles with the tempo, complexifies structures, juggles with harmonies according to his mental distortions.

YOUNG FRANCIS plays guitar by hand, drums by foot and sings by mouth. No effects, no pedals, no loops, no tricks, just raw garage punk power.
Young Francis sings 2-minute songs about girls, getting high and hanging out. Young Francis was born in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany and learned music from the punks on the U-Bahn.
Young Francis has opened shows for a lot of people he likes, including Bob Log III, Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave, UK Subs, Colleen Green, NOBUNNY, The Flaming Sideburns, Baby Shakes, Tall Juan, Sham 69, The Cavemen, The Schizophonics, Thee Gravemen, Vodùn and a lot more.
"A one-man Ramones, with a touch of John Cooper Clarke wit." - Brighton Unsigned. "Young Francis songs are short, sharp, sugar-coated bullets" -Plugged In Brighton

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