Jane Weaver

  • YES, Manchester
  • 7:00PM - Fri 12th Jul
  • Pop, Electronica
  • from £16.50
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"Jane Weaver is Metamorphosing… Very alone in a home-spun cocoon with a metronomic heartbeat and the phasing voice of her former and future selves.

This is the real sound of solitude but far from silence. One voice, a vulnerable pulse, channelling a lifetime of human experience via melodic codes, naked with multicoloured wings and expanding drum-drones.

Jane Weaver’s multi-layered synthetics evolved into a welcoming slew with 2014’s ‘The Silver Globe’, continuing through to 2017’s ‘Modern Kosmology’.

That source material was then united in an expansionist experiment in late 2018. The ‘Loops In The Secret Society’ tour fused unrelated sounds set off against sympathetic new textures, tones and drones; hot-housed into an idealistic soundscape that formed the conducive parts of the imminent album of the same name.

‘Loops In The Secret Society’ is a re-imagined journey through parts of both albums. A continuous experience with one-line observations set in glorious sense-stimulating sound.

“(A) beguiling spiritual medium for immaculate psychedelia.” The Guardian"

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