Lock Yard x Everything Will Be OK | Powel, Gallago & Residents

  • Motion, Bristol
  • 5:00PM - Fri 19th Jul
  • Techno, Tech House
  • from £4.00
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Everything Will Be OK 010 | Motion Lock Yard

Summer is coming, and we’re celebrating the sunshine in true style this July in one of the country’s finest outdoor spaces.

We’ll be hosting our first Everything Will Be OK outside of London, and what better place to do this than at Motion’s Lockyard, a venue that holds a very special place in our hearts.

We have curated a line-up featuring All Day I Dream's Powel and Anjunadeep's Gallago, and they’ll be joining our residents Techník for an evening of deep melodic grooves, smiles all around, lovely food and of course, an array of magical decor, completely transforming the space.

--- Line-Up ---
Powel (All Day I Dream)
G a l l a g o (Anjunadeep)
Techník (Everything Will Be OK)

--- Tickets ---
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--- About Everything Will Be OK ---

Good music doesn't come out very often. Not everything is great or inspiring but we like the stuff that is. Listening to beautiful music, something that stirs emotion, musters courage, motivates you to be better, or simply makes you feel good when you hear it, is like nothing else.

In the end, good music always makes bad situations better. We like music that changes moods, music that moves and is strong enough to live for. So in that respect, Everything Will Be OK.

Hosted by Motion & Everything Will Be OK

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