Colossal Squid (Adam Betts)

  • Soup Kitchen, Manchester
  • 7:00PM - Thu 13th Jun
  • Alt Rock, Indie
  • from £6.60
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The Beauty Witch and Grey Lantern present

Colossal Squid (Adam Betts Drums)
Big Reality

Adam Betts (Three Trapped Tigers) and his Colossal Squid project has returned with haunting 2nd single Kick Punch. Featuring an eerie vocal from fierce alt songstress AK Patterson, the track was composed and performed live by Adam, purely from a drum kit with integrated synthesizers.

The aptly titled song hits hard from start to finish, with big drops and AK Patterson’s almost schizophrenic vocal sounding like the ramblings of a character from a Steig Larsson novel brought to life.

Describing work with AK Patterson, Adam said “I started this tune around the main synth riff, and it quickly became a pretty doomy groove, but when AK sent through what she'd written on top, it gave it a completely new spin - I would never have thought for the vocals to try and top the tune's intensity, but AK's fire is ferocious and joyfully unhinged. I loved what she suggested immediately.” AK said “The intensity of the track resonated with me instantly. It created strong imagery in my head of slo motion fight scenes, vast desert landscapes and mirror images in combat. It conjured up a character to base the song around and I delight in performing it almost as a duel between me and Adam on stage.”

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