• Hideout Brighton, Brighton
  • 10:00PM - Sat 15th Jun
  • Techno, EDM, Hip Hop, Reggaeton
  • from £0.00

BRIGHTON, COME AND TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT Two Rooms: 1. DJ, MAINSTREAM (Reggaeton, trap, hip hop, EDM) // Something new in the nights of our city, Get ready to dance, play and have fun in a different way, Wanna be a part of it? 2. VIBRATIONS ROOM: Techno / Minimal Line Up: Peter Grand & Gabriel Ursu

Peter Grand

Pedro De Diego a.k.a. Peter Grand, is a Spanish musician, songwriter, producer and DJ based in Brighton.

He has performed all over Europe, in cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Paris or Madrid.

Gabriel Ursu

Gabriel Ursu brings a lovely style of Minimal Techno with many tunes produced from Romania. Gabriel has played many times at Beatsworkin’s H- Bar and Rebel Beats parties as well as the spectacular Halloween parties in Barcelona.

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