• Night & Day Cafe, Manchester
  • 11:00PM - Thu 11th Jul
  • Indie
  • from £4.00

Expect to hear: INDIE + POSTPUNK + 60S + SYNTHPOP

“A truly cohesive floor-filling experience” MANCHESTER EVENING NEWS

“Joyous, eclectic and impassioned; ‘Let’s Make This Precious’ is one of the most exciting club nights in Manchester” LOUDER THAN WAR

“And finally, the connoisseur’s choice. Representing the fanatic’s belief that a band’s best song is never their biggest hit, Let’s Make This Precious is ran by music obsessives for music obsessives. This means a playlist of Northern Soul, Post-Punk and off-kilter pop hits from the likes of Belle & Sebastian, David Bowie and Pulp. People travel all over the country to dance here – it’s that kind of night.” WOW247

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