Materials x Girls Against

  • Komedia Brighton, Brighton
  • 11:00PM - Fri 27th Sep
  • Techno, Dancehall, Disco, Afrobeat
  • from £8.00
  • Materials
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Materials invite Girls Against to Komedia's Main Space for a night of multi-genre goodness built for whatever you're made of!

Girls Against is the all-female organisation leading the movement against sexual harassment in UK nightlife by providing 'safe spaces' at events up to training security staff. They join forces with local Brighton promoter Materials to bring a night of multi-genre bangers, dancehall, reggaeton + UK bass! 

There will be a 'safe space' available at Komedia for anyone feeling overwhelmed or just needing a break to sit-down. Look after each other and let's have fun!!! 


To find out more about Girls Against, see below for their social media pages: 

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