• The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
  • 8:00PM - Wed 16th Oct
  • Alt Rock, Punk
  • from £0.00

DUMB play a free show in the bar of The Hope & Ruin!

Dumb are good at plenty of things, but relaxing isn’t one of them. The Vancouver four-piece write feverish tunes at a frantic pace, delivering catchy post-punk songs in two-minute blasts of wiry riffs and indignant social critiques. Less than a year since they signed to Mint Records for 2018’s Seeing Green, they’re already back with a new full-length, Club Nites -- this time with even more neuroticism and indignation!

The result is a batch of songs that sound both urgent and timeless, referencing classic post-punk projects like DEVO, Pylon or the Mekons while placing them nicely within the pantheon of Canadian contemporaries like Ought, Fountain and Freak Heat Waves.

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