• Basement 45, Bristol
  • 10:00PM - Fri 20th Sep
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  • from £5.00
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"I Love Hard Beats: Crescendos

“If an activity or feeling reaches a crescendo, it gradually becomes stronger until it is very strong. Here lies the potential for eternal strength.”

Our new home at Basement 45 is befitting and our last rave “Coming Up” had a unique atmosphere reminiscent to the early ILHB days. The main freeform room was rammed all night. This suggests; moving to Bristol, to a better club, with more DJs and artists who really push the sounds, has made a big difference for the better.

Our next boomtastic event, “Crescendos”, is exactly what it says; stronger than ever... we’re continuous and will keep continuing to deliver crescendos of Freeform and underground dance music; before, during and after the 20th of September."

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