Chon plus Delta Sleep

  • The Fleece, Bristol
  • 7:30PM - Thu 26th Sep
  • Indie
  • from £17.60
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Since forming in 2008, CHON have become one of the most buzzed-about acts in the new era of progressive rock, on the back of more than 40 million Spotify streams and tours with the likes of Coheed and Cambria and Animals As Leaders.

Their debut full-length, 2015s 'Grow', established their mathy, forward-thinking take on the genre, while 2017s 'Homey' furthered that sound while incorporating brand-new influences like effect-pedal-heavy elements of electronic music and trip-hop. Now, with their self-titled third album due for release this summer, the trio once again have kicked down their musical guardrails - but in a way that balances their more eccentric impulses with a steadying dose of clarity and restraint.

All at once, CHON, respects the trio's current listeners while inviting a broader swath of new ones in - the rare progressive rock album adroit enough to straddle that line.

Support from Brighton's Delta Sleep - their first UK tour since killing it on consecutive US headline runs. Check out their excellent 2018 LP, 'Ghost City' (Big Scary Monsters).

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