• The Fleece, Bristol
  • 7:00PM - Tue 1st Oct
  • Alt Rock, Indie
  • from £19.60
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Sebadoh first hit the scene in 1989 with their first release "The Freed Man". Over the years they've matured into their sound, after returning in 2015 with "Limelight". They will be going on tour soon, with shows in Bristol, Leeds and Manchester.

It’s been six years since Sebadoh put out their last record, so it would seem that the release of this ninth full-length, Act Surprised, is long overdue. But actually, that’s relatively quick for the lo-fi indie rock legends. After all, there was a 14 year gap/semi-hiatus between 2013’s Defend Yourself and its predecessor, The Sebadoh, so really, six years is nothing. Besides, the trio – Lou Barlow, Jason Loewenstein and Bob D’Amico – have a pretty good reason. “Lou is always being taken away and abducted by Dinosaur Jr. for these fun and exciting next-level rock’n’roll tours,” chuckles Loewenstein, “so when we get him back we have to relight the fire.”

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