The C33s

  • Night People, Manchester
  • 7:00PM - Sat 19th Oct
  • Punk
  • from £7.00
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The C33s are a 3 piece Garage/Punk/Rock band from Manchester/Macclesfield consisting of Judy Jones (drums, vocals), Cav Green (guitar, vocals) and Stephen Phillips (bass).

Their debut EP "48 Hours at Neon Palms" recorded mostly live over two days is a forward moving force of 70's inspired garage and punk with an injection of modern Manc attitude. "48 Hours at Neon Palms" is an explosion of sonic temper condensed in to no more than 12 minutes, which is all the time that's needed to make the point that there's still life left in raw, uncompromising rock n roll. Though the EP is raucous from the "gutter rock", the melodies and hooks in this band do not take a backseat. The constant dual Green/Jones vocals are unrelenting and furious, and are evidence of a band who's influences creep into psychedelia.
Forged in February 2018, The C33s released "48 Hours..." digitally at midnight on July 31st and within a few days had arrived to the scene with a bang! It's going to be very interesting to see where momentum of this band will lead them in both sound and size.

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