Charly Bliss + Barrie

  • 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff
  • 7:00PM - Tue 5th Nov
  • Alt Rock, Indie, Punk
  • from £13.50
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The members of Charly Bliss have known each other since middle school, having grown together in their evolution from scrappy upstarts to the confident, assured artists behind the comparatively big, brave and bold ‘Young Enough’.

Charly Bliss recorded and released their debut EP, ‘Soft Serve’ in 2014. This was followed by their self-released candy-coated punk LP ‘Guppy’ in 2017 and time spent out on the road increased, as did the Charly Bliss fanbase, but the essence of the band’s sound didn’t change much.

When it came time to record 2019’s ‘Young Enough’ the band upped the ante whilst also maintaining that sense of irrepressible joy and fun they’re known for. The end result is an album that feels young and joyous but also steeped in depth and maturity.

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