Street Art Tour

  • Bristol SU, Bristol
  • 11:00AM - Mon 23rd Sep
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There are few other places in the UK with as strong a connection to street art as Bristol. Birthplace of famous street artist, Banksy, you don’t have to go far here to come across a mural decorating one of the city’s walls.

Banksy made his name here and has left behind him a wake of new street artists who continue his legacy. Today, there are over 200 street artists and graffiti writers in Bristol, and this tour is the perfect way to find these local streetside masterpieces. It’s one of the greatest opportunities in Welcome Week to learn more about Bristol and broaden your Fresher’s horizon.

Meet at the foyer of the Richmond Building for a tour with award-winning company Where The Wall! For information on the route, please contact them here.

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