Frankie Knight / ST LUNA

  • 60 Million Postcards, Bournemouth
  • 8:00PM - Thu 3rd Oct
  • Indie, Pop
  • from £0.00

We Broke Free and 60 Million Postcards present:

Frankie Knight
Hailing from London and residing near Chichester on the South-Coast of the U.K, multi-instrumentalist and producer Frankie Knight delivers an audible dream-world of ethereal melodies and waves of lush tones. Disjointed hip-hop infused beats tumble, whilst vocals drift elegantly overhead as she delivers her brand of beautifully crafted electronic pop.

Known by his stage name 'ST LUNA', Luke Adams is producer/singer/songwriter from the South Coast. A bedroom producer at heart, Luke blends electronic and hip-hop inspired beats with soulful vocals and infectious songwriting to create his individual sound.

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