Die Krupps

  • Night People, Manchester
  • 7:00PM - Sat 23rd Nov
  • Alt Rock, Punk, Metal
  • from £24.75
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Long before RAMMSTEIN dominated the Industrial Metal wastelands of today, the original Metal Machine Music Maestros DIE KRUPPS were forging a new style of Industrial Machine music!

There’s no question that German bands like Die Krupps and Einsturzede Neubatten were having an ever bigger influence on the burgeoning synth and metal scenes most notably with acts like Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb, Ministry and Rammstein.

Over the years they have produced krautrock-tinged metalbashing industrial, old-school ebm, industrial electro and, most recently, industrial metal/neue deutsche härte.
The band's name comes from the Krupp dynasty - one of pre-war Germany´s main industrial families. This name was apparently chosen for its industrial connotations, as the band is strongly anti-Nazi. In some interviews the band stated that Visconti´s movie "The Damned" - a depiction of the fictitious German industrial dynasty of the Essenbecks - was the main inspiration.

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