• Mama Roux's, Birmingham
  • 7:00PM - Tue 10th Dec
  • Rock, Metal
  • from £16.76

Doom-pop heavyweights, Torche, create skull-crushing riffs with uplifting melodies, offering a soaringly anthemic twist on a genre that is otherwise full of darkness and sludge.

Formed in Miami, Florida, US, Torche rose out of the ashes of Floor, a previous doom outfit, revitalising their sound in 2005 under the moniker of Torche. Fronted by vocalist/guitarist Steve Brooks, the rest of Torche was made up of Juan Montoya (guitars), Rick Smith (drums) and Jonathan Nuñez. The band brought new life into the sound of their past efforts, brewing an expansive, gargantuan sound that was uplifted through lush melodies and an upbeat tone.

In 2005, they released their self-titled debut on Robotic Empire, immediately offering a refreshing sound to a scene that was all too often stuck in a bleak dirge. The low-end riffs and drones still remained but melodic pop sensibilities were thrown in for good measure, creating an entirely different triumphant beast. Extensive touring followed the record’s release, which saw them share stages with The Sword, Isis, Jesu and Mogwai.

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