BED: Hogwarts Exam Party

  • Gravity, Bristol
  • 10:00PM - Mon 15th Jan
  • Pop, Trap
  • -

ITS LEVIOSAAA NOT LEVIOSA! We know exams can be tough, but imagine having your defence against the dark arts exam coming up and snape breathing down your back.. This week we welcome you through the gates of Hogwarts itself with our exclusive Potter Exam Party!

What you can expect on the night:

- Hagrid playing main room all night
- Real wands & broomsticks
- He who shall not be named
- The sorting hat
- Harry Potter films playing on the walls!
- Professor Flitwick
- The golden snitch
- Butter beer
- Quidditch match in the VIP room

And of course as per usual we have:

- 30,000 ball pit!
- Photo booth!
- Projector room!

If you miss this one you're just going to be put into Slytherin, so don't be a snake and grab your tickets now or you'll be wishing you had a time turner once it sells out.

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