C R E A M E D - Thursday 19.04.2018 BauWow

  • Bau Wow, Brighton
  • 11:00PM - Thu 19th Apr
  • RnB
  • from £5.00

"Cartel & Pablos are teaming up to prepare you for the filthiest clubbing experience on the South Coast"

INVITE ONLY VIP EXPERIENCE for the launch of C R E A M E D."

D I S C L A I M E R 
"The night will have explicit content and you will be asked on certain performances to NOT use your mobile phones."

"The door pimp wants £5.00 of your money; so start saving. 
That’s 500 pennies."

"You got a birthday? We will let you in for free but only if you take a C R E A M C A M selfie." 

"If you’re a student? £3.00 before 11:30pm but be prepared to see stuff that will make your young eyes water...."

M U S I C 
"We are a strictly urban and baby-making anthem night." 

C O N T E S T S 

"We are holding a wet T contest.. if you win by giving us the sexiest dance then you receive your own at a Strip Club in Brighton with a private dance with a dancer of your choice!"

"We are holding a Cream-a-thon! How much cream can you get in your mouth? The winner has a bottle of bubbly and a gift voucher to the sex shop of their choice!" 

"WATCH OUT FOR THE NAUGHTY CREAM CAM ELF! - If you get creamed on by him and his whipped cream can.. it’s going viral!" 

- "Ever seen a women staple play things to her body whilst juggling fire?" 
- "Have you ever seen the slenderman?" 
- "Ever wanted to ask the bearded lady where she buys her hair wax?" 
- "Know what a CreamCam is?" 
- "Have you ever seen an adult baby?" 

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