CU Next Tuesday

  • The Arch, Brighton
  • 10:30PM - Tue 16th Jan
  • Chart
  • from £0.00

Welcome to your new midweek home: CU Next Tuesday!

Not only Brighton’s longest running student night, but by far its biggest too. Run by the South Coast's most talked about promotions company, CU Next Tuesday is committed to changing the game by consistently pushing boundaries. 

So here you are; ready to embark on the wildest years of your life; we're here to teach you a thing or two… Don't settle for some half hearted has been club night; do it with the people who do it best… we'll take you in, take you for a ride and spit you out the other end; you'll wake up the next day confused and wondering what the hell happened last night!! 


Here are some of our fave videos from last year:

Tinie Tempah Live >
Skepta Live >
Full Moon Party >
Holi Paint Party >



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