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Sex Work and Decriminalisation Panel Discussion

Sex Work and Decriminalisation Panel Discussion

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17:00- 19:00

04 Dec 2020

Age: 18+


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Did you know 5% of students at university engage in sex work and 20% of students consider it? Our panellists—Sara Khan (NUS Vice President for Liberation and Equality), Dr Raven Bowen (CEO of National Ugly Mugs), and Fowsia Kadiye (Goldsmiths SU Education Officer)—will discuss what sex work is, why decriminalising is vital to building an accessible and liberated education, and what universities should be doing to protect their students.

About the speakers:

Sara Khan, NUS Vice President for Liberation and Equality | she/they | @VPLibNUS

Sara Khan is NUS Vice President for Liberation and Equality. Previously, they spent two years as Liberation and Access Officer at the University of Manchester Students’ Union, where they launched the Decolonise UoM campaign. Sara is also a part-time English Literature student at UoM, and in they spend their spare time on their passion project, Game Assist, which discusses liberation and politics in gaming.

Dr Raven Bowen, CEO of National Ugly Mugs | she/her | @NationalUglyMug

Dr. Raven Bowen became the CEO of NUM in late 2018. She has over 25 years' experience in front line support services, strategic leadership, program and community development among sex workers in Canada and the UK. She holds a BA in Sociology, an MA in Criminology from Simon Fraser University in Canada, and a PhD from York University in the UK. She is the former administrator (now member) of the UK Sex Work Research Hub, and a co-founder of the Collaborative Research Network: Sex, Work, Law and Society with Law and Society Association. Her research interests are in labour markets, transitioning to and from sex industries and what she terms 'Duality'- concurrent involvement ins sex work and square work.

Fowsia Kadiye, Goldsmiths SU Education Officer | she/her | @goldsmithssu_eo

Fowsia Kadiye was elected as the Education Officer at Goldsmiths Students' Union this past summer and formerly served as the Women's Officer. At Goldsmiths, she studied anthropology and was involved in the 137-day POC-led occupation of Deptford town hall by Goldsmiths Anti Racist Action (GARA). She firmly believes that education is a right for everyone and that all students coming to Goldsmiths to pursue higher education deserve fair and equal opportunities.

This event is organised by the Against Sexual Violence project at Goldsmiths Students' Union as part of our 16 Days programming. If you have any questions, please email Lou (she/they) at

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  • Sex Work and Decriminalisation Panel Discussion