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Tech Abuse and Sexual Violence Talk with Refuge UK

Tech Abuse and Sexual Violence Talk with Refuge UK

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Digital Event

13:00- 14:00

02 Dec 2020

Age: 18+


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Modern technology gives perpetrators ever-growing ways to stalk, isolate, and control survivors using the tools of everyday life. Perpetrators—partners and ex-partners—are increasingly using technology to facilitate their abuse of the survivors we support. Abusers can and have gained access to survivor’s personal and home devices, their online accounts and even children’s toys and devices.

In this educational talk, domestic violence charity, Refuge, will offer an overview about the impacts of technology on sexual and gender-based violence.

This event is open to everyone.

This event is a collaboration between the Against Sexual Violence project at Goldsmiths Students' Union and Refuge UK as part of our 16 Days programming. If you have any questions, please email Lou (she/they) at

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