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Understanding the Trauma Cycle: A Presentation from Inspire Breathwork

Understanding the Trauma Cycle: A Presentation from Inspire Breathwork

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10:00- 11:30

28 Nov 2020

Age: 18+


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Every experience we’ve had is stored somewhere in our body and our trauma can haunt us long after the threat has passed. Even after years of talk therapy, traumatic experiences can still affect the way we think about ourselves, our behaviours, and the way we carry our bodies. 

In this presentation, Hannah Kendaru (she/her) of Inspire Breathwork will share how the trauma cycle can be understood, different ways in which our bodies instinctively react to trauma, and ways breathwork and embodied practices can start to complete the trauma cycle and allow for healing.

This event is open to everyone—both survivors and those who want to better support survivors—interested in learning an embodied approach to trauma and healing.

This event is a collaboration between the Against Sexual Violence project at Goldsmiths Students' Union and Inspire Breathwork as part of our 16 Days programming. If you have any questions, please email Lou (she/they) at

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