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Warmth from the Fire: Imagination Beyond the Institution

Warmth from the Fire: Imagination Beyond the Institution

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17:00- 19:00

23 Oct 2020

Age: 18+


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When under capitalism all institutions are failed systems, we are happy to guide Goldsmith’s students to a practical present of radical change, possibility, and opportunities. Beyond the institution there is Community.

More and more in recent years, Black history month has become a space where Black folks are expected and demanded to teach and explain what “the struggle” is, and how do we magically undo racism. So this year we take it back, to some of our very own visionaries, who every day embody and live the present future. Join me, Grace (any pronouns, Community Witch, current host of The Community Witch Podcast) in communion with Tobi (they/them, multidimensional artist & spiritual worker, ⅓ of group WasteWomxn), Melz (they/them founder of The Free Black University), and Eshe (they/them founder of UK Mutual Aid). We will ask ourselves what keeps our spiritual fire burning, what keeps us focused on creating visions and spaces for freedom right here, right now.

Meet the people guiding this conversation:

Melz Owusu (they/them) Melz is the Founder of the Free Black University (@freeblackuni). They are an activist that works in a number of spaces such as; Black Lives Matter UK, decolonising education, and trans visibility. They are a multifaceted artist and academic, and their work explores the radical Black imagination and building transformative worlds. Their passion is research and they will soon be taking up a PhD position at the University of Cambridge exploring new visions for our collective world, Melz takes this decolonial analysis forward into all aspects of their life and work. Fin more about The Free Black University at

Tobi (they/them) is a community-focused artist, facilitator, performer, spiritual worker, singer, writer and parent. They centre their works on the depths and nuances of topics revolving around queer love, politics, black sexuality, healing, Yoruba culture & traditions. They create inter-generational discourse & worldwide diasporic connections through offerings of dream readings, healing spaces, moon rituals & workshops. They’ve performed and shared works and projects around Europe, Nigeria and Northern America - continuing to craft pieces that resonate with many. Tobi’s more recent collaborations with the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Serpentine Galleries, Shape Arts and Fringe Film Fest highlight the depths of their creative talents. They can be found punking out with their transcontinental band Wastewomxn whilst writing love letters to their community through grassroots organising via the 'Afrosexuality Project', Femmes of Colour & Purple Rain Collective.

Decolonial Teaching Resource; Do Better, Be Better: a self-help guide; The Colour of Madness- an anthology that explores the realities of PoC confronting their mental health; Purple Rain Collective's A-Z Glossary of QTIBPoC-specific meanings & words for our everyday conversations; Wastewomxn care package a meditative offering from my band; and Ori Hare Care Afro hair care services which I offer at Open Barbers.

Eshe Kiama Zuri (they/them) is a 24 year old uneducated Black non-binary disabled grassroots activist. They are the founder of UK Mutual Aid, Notts Activist Wellness and Vegans of Colour UK. They are also a doula, a vegan chef at Yemoja Foods and currently a trustee at The Vegan Society. Eshe is the creator of the term 'full spectrum community care', a concept that not just speaks on, but actively shows, the importance for building communities from the bottom up and tearing down and replacing saviourism and oppressive structures and 'activism' with practical, supportive and sustainable alternatives that prioritise marginalised communities.

You can find out more about Eshe here:

Grace The Witch (any/no pronouns) is an Afro-Italian anti-academic researcher and writer, consulting astrologer, community facilitator and instigator, and podcast producer. Anti-academic and therefore anti-institutional, meaning Grace is actively divesting from colonial, and post-colonial capitalist constructions of education and knowledge production and transmission. Grace foundations are in oral traditions, anti-imperialist experiences, Pan-Africanism, Black Queer Feminism and theology. You can find more about Grace over The Community witch Podcast and at