5 Reasons Why Boundary is the Ultimate Freshers Festival

by Kieran Mallon, Sep 14, 2018

The day festival on your doorstep returns for its third year on September 29th

Since its inaugural year in 2016, Boundary has marked the end of Brighton summer in exorbitant style. With names like Chase & Status, My Nu Leng, and Craig David all headlining the event in the past, Boundary has become a seminal date in the Brighton calendar - even if it does mean waving goodbye to the sunny season.

In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better start-of-term party anywhere in the UK. Nestled on September 29th, the Saturday after Sussex freshers week, we're pretty sure that Boundary is the ultimate freshers festival - and here's why.

It's not really a freshers festival

Boundary has got that little bit of edge that an SU Tea and Crumpets Welcome Party™ sorely lacks. Student Union events can be notoriously hit and miss; Brighton and Sussex are two of the best in the country for sure, but having a professional club brand like The Arch behind Boundary means that the production, vibe, and acts are always on point. 

The lineup is massive

Speaking of which - the lineups at Boundary are always baller. Every year we've seen a diverse yet familiar line up featuring the best in bass, DnB, grime, and house music. This year DJ EZ, Gorgon City, Stefflon Don, Shy FX and Andy C, all names arguably too massive to play Brighton on any ordinary day, will be rocking up to play sets at the festival.

It's right on your doorstep

In case you were unaware, Boundary takes place in Stanmer Park - the same Stanmer Park that the University of Sussex campus sits on. The festival site is about a five-minute walk from the University of Sussex Students Union building. When the festival site closes at 10pm it's only a short walk back to halls or you can jump straight on the bus into town to keep the party going.

It's cheap

Properly cheap. Plus, native is the only place to get exclusive student tickets cheaper than the rest. Cop one right here.

Kurupt FM

Maybe the crowning jewel of the entire damn thing. Kurupt FM have captured the hearts of an entire generation with their BBC mockumentary People Just Do Nothing and the transition from screen to the stage was not only a smooth one, it was a complete no-brainer. Now established stars that operate in a weird space between music and comedy, their live show is equal parts hilarious and absolutely fucking mental. Earlier this year they stated that this would be their last tour ever (probably), so catch these legends while you can.

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