Did Amazon France Accidently Leak James Blake's New Album?

by Tom Tye, Jan 10, 2019

An album with full track listing was briefly posted on the French Amazon site before mysteriously disappearing...

Rumours and snippets of music have been floating around the internet cosmos recently as the website AssumeForm.com has emerged, sparking speculation that a new volume of ambient bangers is on its way.

Meanwhile, a mysterious Amazon France listing appeared suggesting that Blake's next album will drop later this month, entitled 'Assume Form'. With a full track listing, as well as artist features including the likes of Travis Scott, Rosalia, Metro Boomin, Moses Sumney and Adree 3000, this could be the real deal.

The alleged track listing:

Assume Form
Mile High
Tell Them
Into The Red
Barefoot In The Park
Can’t Believe The Way We Flow
Are You In Love?
Where’s The Catch?
I’ll Come Too
Power On
Don’t Miss It
Lullaby For My Insomniac

Plus, rumours have also been heighted by a projection spotted above Shoreditch High Street's overground station featuring the AssumeForm name:

Out Now.

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