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If you in Bristol and don't visit Motion, you're missing out. Voted as DJ Mag's 11th best club in the world, this massive industrial space sat right next to the River Avon showcases events from every corner of the electronic music spectrum inside one of the UK's biggest and best clubs.

Upcoming events

Four Tet

  • Motion, Bristol
  • 9:00PM - Fri 25th Oct
  • Techno, House, Tech House
  • from £33.93


  • Motion, Bristol
  • 10:00PM - Fri 15th Nov
  • House, Soul, Deep House
  • from £17.70


  • Motion, Bristol
  • 10:00PM - Sat 30th Nov
  • Drum & Bass, Garage, Jungle
  • from £25.88


  • Motion, Bristol
  • 10:00PM - Fri 6th Dec
  • Techno, House
  • from £18.50

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