6 Fashion Trends of Sussex Uni

by Rachel Stone, Mar 02, 2018

Everyone falls into one of these categories, yes including yourself! We explore the many looks of Sussex...

Fashion and Sussex University aren’t two words you usually place together in a sentence. The uni doesn’t run any courses related to Fashion, unlike its arty, edgier cousin Brighton Uni which is swamped with design students and aspiring Vivienne Westwood’s. However, there are certain fashion trends which haunt Sussex campus, whether it be outside the library, inside East Slope or loitering between the Arts Buildings.

Here are 6 that we know and love...


1. The 'Sussex Uniform'


It’s very rare that universities have uniforms. However, Sussex is an exception to this rule. Approximately 40% of the female population can be seen wearing a variation of this uniform at any one time. It’s virtually impossible to walk from Co-Op to Falmer station without spotting a Stan Smith trainer, puffa jacket, or hoop earring. 5 years ago, wearing any of these items would instantly brand you as a chav. At Sussex, it’s more common than a Seagull trying to steal your sandwich.

Most likely to be found: LITERALLY ANYWHERE. It is a banging look though to be fair.


2. Gap Year Hippy



Matching perfectly with Brighton’s bohemian lifestyle, it’s extremely common to come across a gap year hippy who looks like they’ve walked straight off the beach in Bali. Despite the almost unbearable winter chill, people can still be found sporting sandals and harem pants all year round.

Most likely to be found: discussing the medicinal benefits of mushrooms outside East Slope bar.


3. Hipster


Sussex is so full of hipsters that you can’t mention Berlin without having three people chime in about their amazing experience there listening to an underground DJ in a retro coffee shop. It’s like Shoreditch but very, very concentrated. Hipster style is always changing and evolving, but you know the kind of guys we’re talking about.

Most likely to be found: Talking about a band you’ve never heard of outside one of the Arts buildings (while smoking a rollie, obvs).


4. Cheeky Nando’s Lad


Sussex may be full of hipsters and gap-year travellers, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its fair share of cheeky Nando’s lads. Usually, they’re talking about their mental night at Pryzm or carrying a gym bag to remind people that they work out.

Most likely to be found: sinking pints of Snakebite in Falmer bar while swiping on Tinder.


5. Wavey Garms

What word did we use before wavey? It’s hard to imagine such a time before this beautiful word perfectly encapsulated both the feeling you get after a few drinks as well as the combination of a retro jumper with some rolled up socks. Wavey Garms are as commonplace at Sussex uni as a protest in library square. The androgynous look is worn by pretty much everyone at festivals over the summer, but some people choose to rep it all year round.

Most likely to be found: Talking about the 90s Adidas jacket they got off Depop while sat in group study


6. Sportswear Everywhere



If you play for a sports team at Sussex, there is an unwritten rule that you HAVE TO wear your sports jacket everywhere you go. Turning up for a 9am with zero intention of playing sport afterwards? Gotta wear the jacket. About to sit your Geography exam? Wearing your sports jacket, of course! This generally only applies to football and rugby, but it’s difficult to walk through campus without spotting someone repping their Sussex pride.

Most likely to be found: Playing sport… or looking like they’re about to.


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