The 1975 Release Latest Single 'Give Yourself A Try'

by Georgina Davidson / Photo: The 1975 Official Facebook, Jun 13, 2018

It’s happening again! This is not a drill!

The 1975 are truly gearing up to for their highly anticipated third album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships after releasing their first single from the album on Thursday 31st May, on Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World show.

After months and months of teaser videos abd several snippets of audio and lyrical content dotted in every corner of England (literally!), we’ve finally received new music. The 1975’s latest single 'Give Yourself A Try' has finally given us insight into just what can be expected of their new albums and without doubt it is different but by no means disappointing.

The new single is an energised track, pulsing with life and deeply rooted in the cultural circles of our online activities in the modern world of interaction. It features a melodic guitar riff and consistent 808 drum beat navigating the road between Matty Healy’s brutally honest lyrics that give the single that characteristically dynamic opposition between lyrics and sound.

During their discussion with Annie Mac, it was revealed by Healy that there would be, in fact, two “completely independent statement” albums released within six months of each other, meaning there will be plenty of material coming forward for all The 1975 fans over the coming year.

The first instalment will be entitled A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships which is currently set to be released in October 2018 and, as the name suggests, is said to be an exploration into the representation of culture and time in online environments.

If you’re not already excited by this news, it was also announced that a tour will likely follow in January to celebrate the first album, before the second is released in May 2019. The title of the album is yet to be revealed but with this band you never know when the next release could occur.

Go on then, give them a try! 

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