Typeform Data Breach Statement

by Native, Jul 04, 2018

We have been informed that Typeform, whose services we use for collecting survey and questionnaire responses, has been compromised in a data breach

We have gathered as much information as possible, in order to have all the possible facts, before we make direct communications to those affected. We have contacted the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), reported the breach and discussed the best measures to put in place to deal with this incident.

Fortunately, none of the data that was compromised was sensitive - such as personal account details or passwords - and, in addition, only two of our Typeforms were implicated. The information compromised was the responses given from these forms.

No sensitive data breached

We have reviewed the Typeforms affected and the information taken from responses and we would first like to assure our customers that the data compromised was not sensitive data, such as passwords or account information.

We will be in direct contact with those affected

We have identified all of those who were affected by the breach and will be in contact with each individual shortly, to let them know exactly what information of theirs was affected, what they should do, and how we will stop something like this from happening again.

If you don’t hear from us, it means that none of your data was compromised so you have nothing to worry about.

What happened?

From what we understand, hackers managed to gain access to data backups for surveys created before May 3rd 2018. Those backups contained the responses from these Typeforms and that data is what has been taken.

Native and Typeform

We are currently reviewing our relationship with Typeform and will update this post as this becomes clearer. It is of the utmost important to us that our customer’s data is kept safe and, naturally, we will be looking further into this issue and seeking that all Native data in Typeform is removed from their system.


As users of Typeform, we take full responsibility for this breach. We are actively reviewing all services we use to collect user responses from this point onwards.

We are fortunate that we have not been as affected as other companies. Below is a simple table detailing the key information that has been compromised:

Type of data breached

Number of people affected



Email address 


Phone number




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