Don't Miss: Acid Rave @ Patterns

by Rhys Baker, Jan 02, 2018

Dust off the cobwebs from New Year's and throw yourself into 2018 with Patterns' acid rave January 6th.

Don't miss out on Patterns first Saturday of 2018, with resident DJs; Charles Green, DJ Faro, Mehtola and Øvre.

Step back into the 80s, as Patterns becomes home to an old-school, free entry, all night acid rave. Expect deep basslines, minimalist production and the iconic sound of a Roland TB-303 squelching.

Originating in Chicago in the mid-80s, acid house took the UK by storm, dubbed as the Second Summer of Love; the genre infiltrated all aspects of life, becoming a social movement and anti-culture revolution. Hailed as the golden-era for music and free spirits, acid house, which later birthed the beginning of the illegal rave and warehouse scene, was infamously known for its hedonistic parties.

Initially labelled by The Sun as 'cool and groovy', the tabloid later turned against the scene, inciting sensationalist morals which subsequently led to the crackdown on clubs and venues that played acid house, having a profound and detrimental impact on the scene.


Pictured above: Brighton seafront circa 1994 at a Church of the Sub-Genius Rave by Stuart Griffiths Photograph

Banned from TV, radio and retail, acid house's percieved notorious stance only fuelled its counterculture standing – it even momentarily brought an end to football hooliganism, with rival hooligan gangs mixing in acid house clubs and venues, without coming to blows with one another.

Still, to this day you can hear the influence of acid house on every imprint of dance music from jungle all the way to techno and trip-hop. Keeping it simple, Patterns residents Charles Green, Faro, Mehtola and Øvre are spinning 5 hours of homage to the legendary acid house sound.

From DJ Pierre to Armando, Mike Dunn to Daniel Avery, LFO to Acid Arab, expect a trip through sound from the genre's origin to the present day. With over a thousand interested in the Facebook event, this party is shaping up to be a proper old school rave - free before midnight, or secure your place with a £3 ticket.

Add the 6th of January to your musical calendar in your brand-spanking new diaries. Grab a £3 ticket to secure entry here.

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